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Legal Suite

The Karomi Legal Suite consists of the following modules

Contract Management – Create contracts, version control them, contract approval workflow, contract alerts

Litigation Management – Manage case details, Notices and replies, court diary, appeals, legal costs

IP management – Manage Trademarks and Patents, renewals, images

Contract Management

Contracts represent all the business relationships throughout the organization. Organization must be certain that the agreements it enters into are low in risk, and that contractual terms are being observed and met.

Current Challenges in managing Contracts in an organization include

  • Inconsistent contract language
  • Lack of contract visibility and awareness
  • No knowledge of when contracts and agreements are expiring
  • Inability to track key events in the contract in advance
  • No visibility into evergreen contracts, i.e. contracts which have auto-renewal clause
  • Incomplete contract approvals and no audit trail of who reviewed and approved the contract
  • No easy access to copies of contracts since contracts are stored physically in different locations
  • Inability to search across all contracts for information and key elements
  • Unknown financial impact, e.g. how many lease agreements have a price increase next year

Karomi’s contract system is a solution to these challenges and includes the following features

  • Central Document Management System for managing contracts
  • Scan and Store Signed Contracts/Agreements
  • Securely share with authorized people
  • Tag the Contract with attributes (e.g. expiry date)
  • Generate Alerts based on important dates (e.g. expiry date)
  • Browse or Search & Retrieve contracts
  • Build and Maintain Contract Templates
  • Customizable workflows for contract approval
  • Compare different versions of the contract
  • Contract request process for users to request for new contracts
  • Reporting and Dashboard

Litigation Management

Litigations happen over a long period of time and a central system that maintains continuity of the case details is essential for an organization. Karomi’s Litigation system can help the legal department take care of general litigation, consumer court litigations, taxation related litigation and IP related litigation.

The Karomi Litigation system consists of the following functionality

  • Manage all Case details

          -   Status of case

          -   Dates - Next Date of hearing, Judgement Date, Notice Date
  • Legal Notices / Replies
  • Main Suit details
  • Plaintiff/Petitioner/Appellant/Respondent information
  • Court Diary
  • Orders/Decrees
  • Chronology of Events
  • Plaints / Written Statements
  • Out of Court Settlements
  • Case Laws / Citations

IP Management

Managing IP related information is an asset to the organization. Having a system manage the details allows proactive monitoring and maintenance of IP assets.

The Karomi IP module allows corporate legal teams to manage information related to Trademarks and Patents. It includes the following functionality.

  • Full text records for trademarks, disputes, assignments
  • Integrated images for logos and design marks in full color and B/W
  • Full text for specifications of goods and services, with multi-class capability
  • Scan and upload filing receipts, registration certificates, sample packaging and critical documents
  • Alerts and reminders for renewals and deadlines
  • Search across all fields in the docket
  • Record expenses made for the Trademark
  • Extensive reporting
  • Manage Patent filings and related data and documents

          -   Inventors

          -   Assignee

          -   Dates: Filing Date, Patent Date, Expiry Date

          -   Term

          -   US Classification

          -   International Classification

          -   Application Number

          -   Attachments / Notes

          -   Firm/Attorney
  • Scan and upload documents
  • Alerts and reminders for renewals and deadlines
  • Search across all fields in the docket
  • Record expenses made for the Patents
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